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TCM Five Foods for the Summer

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Food is one of the key ingredients to keep up with your health, but what does that mean for summer?

A variety of foods including, berries, oatmeal, chia seeds, granola and milk

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical system thousands of years old and incorporates many different modalities. TCM theory emphasizes that Mother Nature provides the right kind of food for the right kind of environment. For instance, if the weather is cold, then warming, nutrient-dense foods are best for the body. Likewise, when summer rolls around, and because the season tends to be the warmest, it is important to stay cool and hydrated.

Because summer is a time of growth, many fruits and vegetables become abundant during the season. This is the perfect time to eat more TCM summer foods that can clear heat. Along with eating hydrating fruits and vegetables

Summer Vegetables: Things like peppers, eggplant, onions and summer squash are all good choices. They tend to be high in water content which helps keep the body cool.

Greens: Foods like cabbage, kale, broccoli, Swiss chard and spinach are great choices to add to a salad or even to stir fry. They tend to be neutral to cooling in nature.

Melons: Melons are high in water content, so they are great to have around on those really hot summer days for replenishing lost fluids. They are also non-calorie dense, so they won’t be heavy on the stomach.

Seafood: While most meats tend to be warming in nature, seafood is not. It leans more heavily toward the cooling nature of food. This makes it a great choice for summer dinners. It’s also high in protein and easy to throw on the grill.

Fruit: Summer is when there is an abundance of fruits. Most fruit tends to be cooling in nature, but the high sugar content can be detrimental to the spleen. The best choices are fruits grown in tropical climates, as they have the highest water content.

If you need more help understanding or designing a proper seasonal eating plan, contact us and we can give you specific guidelines to fit your needs!

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