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Foods for Anxiety & Depression

Did you know that eating healthier foods gives you a better chance to reduce your depressive and anxious symptoms?

Person smiling eating fresh fruits and vegetables

Your diet has a large influence on both your mood and overall health. This is probably something that you have heard before, but putting this knowledge into action can be difficult and daunting at first. By making some small adjustments to your diet you can start to heal your gut, and overtime bring balance back to your whole digestive system.

Why is a healthy gut important?

The foods that we eat have a large effect on our whole life, not just our hunger levels. Eating foods that are nutritious helps to support the immune system and balance gut bacteria, which can improve your mood, energy, and stamina.

Where do I start?

Changing up your diet can be incredibly intimidating, so it's ok to start by making some small adjustments, adding foods to your diet is a great place to start. Leafy greens like Kale, and Swiss Chard have both been linked to decreasing inflammation and depressive symptoms especially when they are cooked! Trying to cut back on sugar, especially processed sugar can be a great place to start as well. Even just limiting your sugar intake can be beneficial, you can still have a sweet treat every now and then!

First-Step Foods

The following are some foods that can be incredibly beneficial if incorporated in the diet.

Tea brewing

Fish (or an Omega-3 supplement)

Eggs- specifically the yolk

Brazil Nuts

Pumpkin Seeds

Bananas Chamomile Tea Green Tea- trying switching to green tea twice a week instead of coffee!

Donuts and coffee

Foods to Avoid

Foods with added sugars

Raw Foods (try cooking those veggies!)

Cold foods and drinks (skip the ice)

Sugary Cereals

Bacon (or any other high in fat meats)


If you are somebody who suffers from depression or anxiety and you are looking for natural, holistic solutions, give these suggestions a try. Maintaining a healthy balance of self-care, such as providing yourself with adequate sleep, hydration, and physical activity is just as important as eating well. If you would like a customized traditional Chinese medicine dietary consultation please reach out to us. The road to wellness isn’t always paved, but the good news is that there are ways to help.

Yours in Health & Wellness,

If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or depression, take advantage of our New Patient Special, and see if Chinese Medicine is right for you.


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