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Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

blue sky reflecting in pond

Whether the sun is out or it's pouring rain, there are always health benefits that can be found in nature.

We all know that it is good for your health both physically and mentally to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but what benefits does being in the outdoors provide? There are obvious benefits of Vitamin D, boost in mood, digestion, and strengthening of the immune system. Because of the widespread knowledge of Vitamin D, many people think that being outside when it is sunny is the best time to reap all the benefits that nature has to offer, but in reality, that is not always the case.

thunder clouds

Did you know that there are actually health benefits to thunderstorms?

These benefits are also known as negative ions. Negative ions are commonly found in natural places close to moving water. But they can also be felt in the air after a thunderstorm. You know that taste noticed near a beach or waterfall, or after a strong thunderstorm? These are all examples of negative ions saturating the air. Negative ions can clear the air of pollutants like mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, dust, and foul odors, and they have some great health benefits as well!

How do these ions influence health?

Negative ions are inhaled and once they are in the bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that can increase the chemical serotonin, which helps manage stress and depression. Negative ions also help increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This can eliminate drowsiness and increase alertness and mental clarity.

kid stepping in a puddle with rainboots

How can I best experience the benefits?

As we go into what is supposedly going to be quite a rainy summer, the best thing you can do for yourself is to spend more time in nature. Stepping outside after a thunderstorm blows through, walking along the beach, or even going for a hike in the mountains are all ways of getting exposure to negative ions that can ultimately lead to good health and a positive attitude. If none of these things are possible, adding a Himalayan salt lamp to the home is another great way to shift the mood. Regardless of how it’s achieved, absorbing negative ions can be a game-changer.

How does this relate to Chinese Medicine?

Have you ever heard someone mention that they can "feel in their bones" that it's about to storm? Well, they might be crazy OR they might be experiencing a decrease of negative ions in the air.

In a study published by the National Institute of Health, it was observed that the negative air ions significantly decreased heart rate and blood pressure. These findings suggest negative air ions can influence health through the inhibition of neuronal activity.

Negative ions may sound like something unhealthy, but in fact, they have quite the opposite effect on the body.

Yours in health & wellness,

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