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Back to School Re-Boot

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

smiling child pulling a backpack and wearing a school uniform

Did you know that acupuncture can be a helpful tool for kids as well as adults?

As the school year starts up again many kids (and parents!) may be looking for relief, and Acupuncture is here to help! Whether it be back pain from lugging books around, inability to focus, or headaches, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help to alleviate whatever ails you or your child.

While bringing your kids in for treatment may be a bit intimidating, know that we don't have to use needles! There are other options (such as tuning forks) that can help to provide the same relief without being as daunting. You can even learn to use the tuning forks at home!

smiling child reclining in a chair with a tuning fork  placed on acupuncture point St 36 on the lower leg

What is a Tuning Fork?

A tuning fork is a fork-shaped acoustic resonator used in many applications. The main reason for using the fork shape is that it produces vibrational energy. When the tuning fork is struck, you can feel the vibrations as you are holding the base and these vibrations can be used to activate acupuncture points. Kids love the tuning fork and they especially enjoy using it on themselves! Even many college students take it with them to manage their health while away from home.

Acupoints for Stress?

Kids are just as likely to get stressed and hold tension in their bodies when trying to navigate a new school year. If your child shows signs of headaches or stress, show them the below acupressure points to relieve some of their symptoms and put them in charge of their health.

To help reset the body and use the tuning fork on the points below- hold the tuning fork by the base and tap the tongs of the tuning fork against your palm or leg to begin the vibrations. Then put the base of the tuning fork on the acupoints below. Hold it at each point for 3-9 rounds of vibrations before moving to the next point. For the points on the arms and legs- do them on both sides before moving to the next point.

Image of a head with a red dot on the vertex of the head with the label "Du 20"

Governing Vessel 20

"Baihu" = 100 Meetings

This point is located on the midline of the head in line with the highest point of the ears, it centers at the crown of the head.

It is often used to clear and calm the mind, reduce headaches, and lift the spirits.

one hand outstretched with the palm showing. The other hand has the thumb pressing on the acupoint labeled "PC 6" about 2 inches above the wrist crease.

Pericardium 6

"Nei guan" = Inner Pass

This point is located on the underside of the forearm, roughly three finger widths below the wrist crease, between the two tendons.

This is a great point to alleviate nausea from motion sickness or stomach issues, and it also calms the mind and spirit.

Hand with the thumb and first finger in the shape of a "C". The acupoint is denoted with a red dot in the webbing between the thumb and first finger. It is labeled "LI 4"

Large Intestine 4

"He gu" = Union Valley

The point is located on the hand in the web between the thumb and index finger.

This point is known for its ability to decrease headaches/migraines, strengthen immunity, and address any issues of the head and face (ie: toothaches, nasal congestion).

2 lower legs facing forward with a red dot on the leg on the left. The dot is approximately 3 inches below the knee cap just to the outside of the area where the shin bone would be. It is labeled "St 36".

Stomach 36

"Zu San Li" = Three Leg Mile

This point is on the lower legs, four-finger width below the base of the knee cap, one finger’s width to the outside of the ridge of the shin bone (tibia), and in the shin muscle (anterior tibialis). Every person's 4 fingers are different so use the measurement of the person that is having the point located on their leg.

This point is commonly used for various health problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, stress, and fatigue.

I hope using the tuning fork begins to reset your or your child's body to be able to destress and acclimate to the changes of starting back at school. If you would like specific points for your child's unique situation, please make a new patient appointment if they haven't been seen before. If they are a current patient, please let their practitioner know that you would like to have some acupoints to support their health at home.

Yours in health & wellness,

If you or someone you know would benefit from the results of a Tuning Fork treatment give us a call or click to book your

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