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7 Ways to Achieve your Resolutions

With the New Year just starting it is important to set yourself up for success, and there are some easy ways to help achieve these goals

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We all do it. Every year we set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, but often we let these resolutions slip away. It turns out it can be harder than you think to turn those new year’s resolutions into reality. Of course there is no easy way to guarantee the success of your resolutions, but with these 7 easy tips hopefully you can feel more confident in yourself and your goals.


1. Set realistic goals

When setting goals for yourself make sure that your expectations are realistic. IF you've never run before, chances are you're not gonna be racing in a marathon in a month, and that's ok! Creating goals that are achievable will help you to feel successful and boost your confidence in your abilities.

2. Set your goals for smaller time periods

Setting one large goal for the entire year is daunting, and can make it very easy to push off the starting date. Instead try setting monthly or weekly goals that are easily achievable and will help you to feel more accomplished.

3. Stay focused Setting one specific goal can lead to a lot more success than setting multiple general goals. With one goal you are both more likely to hold your self accountable and also less likely to find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

4. Built a support system

Having people around you that are helping to hold you accountable can be incredibly beneficial. Your support system doesn't need to be a family member! You can find support from anyone who is willing and able to help you achieve your goals, especially your acupuncturist!

woman stretching

5. Believe in yourself

This may seem a little obvious, but putting faith in yourself goes a long way. When the going gets tough it can be hard to truly believe you will achieve the goals set forth. So take a deep breath, believe in yourself, you can do this!

6. Front-of-mind awareness

Make sure to hold yourself accountable and remember your goals. Life can be busy, and at times feel as though it is moving too quickly. But if you keep your resolutions in mind you can make them a reality.

7. Start!! As soon as you write down that New Year’s resolution, go out and start making the change happen. Whether your goal is working out, getting healthy, or reading a book, the best way to achieve your goal is to start now.

Our team at AcuHaus is here to support you this year as you start to take control of your health, so if you need help along the way, never hesitate to reach out!

Yours in health & wellness,

If you or someone you know is working towards a daunting resolution, book our New Patient Special and see if Acupuncture can help you get on the right track


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