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How to Manage Stress with TCM and Acupuncture

We all feel stressed at times, but how we choose to handle it can change the way it effects us and our bodies.

stressed woman with hands on temples

Stress is a normal feeling that is common in almost everyones everyday lives. Maybe during a stressful presentation at work, or even at a family reunion. Stress can often feel like an obstacle that gets in the way of a good time, but it's actually body’s way of signaling for help or a break in the routine. If you leave stress untreated it can lead to imbalances

Although stress may leave you feeling overwhelmed and trapped at times, it is something that, with some work, can be controlled. Acupuncture is regarded as an effective Acupuncture acts like physical therapy for the nervous system. The tiny needles re-train the nervous system and the brain to behave as it should normally. For the nervous system to act and respond accordingly, cortisol has to be at normal levels and only used when a true “fight or flight” situation occurs. Studies show acupuncture does this.

woman receiving acupuncture on the head

Acupuncture Points to Utilize

Yin Tang - This point is located midway between the inner ends of the eyebrows. Yin Tang is used to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is also a great point to use for eye issues, nasal problems and headaches.

Ren 17 - Located in the center of the chest, midway between the nipples on the breastbone or sternum, this point is great for opening the chest. Many people feel chest tightness and constriction when they become stressed. This point will definitely help. It is frequently used to treat anxiety, depression and nervousness, as well as asthma or other lung issues. It can also be added to treatments to help with digestive issues or heart problems like palpitations.

Heart 7 - This point is located on the underside of the wrist crease on the outer edge. It is found in the depression on the outer side of the tendon. In Traditional ChineseMedicine, this point is used to calm the mind and heart.

It works well for anxiety, stress and anger too.

Other Ways to Mitigate Stress

Besides Acupuncture there are plenty of other things that you can do to rid yourself of stress on a daily basis.

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1. Taking time to Breathe- Taking deep breathes helps to move your mind from the fight or flight response to the more logical part of the brain, which in turn helps to relieve you of those anxious thoughts.

2. Getting Outside- fresh air and exercise are both great ways to calm both the body and the mind

3. Nourish- Eating Nourishing foods and making sure that you're getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods.

If you need help elevating anxiety and finding ways to calm down acupuncture and other healthy habits can assist you in finding relief.

Yours in health & wellness,

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