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Tune into Health

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

box TV dripping colors of the rainbow

Remember rabbit ear antennas on television sets?

If you were lucky enough to find the exact seating position in your living room to optimize your body’s own magnetic field and the tilt of the earth’s axis, these beauties could tune in to your favorite show with the crystal clarity of a thick San Francisco fog. If - heaven forbid - you wanted to tune to another channel, this required a coordinated, two-handed effort of spinning and rotating the antennas, the likes of which would rival even the most skilled of Olympic fencers.

The point here is that no matter what show you wanted to watch, you could pick it up on your set, but only if the antenna was functioning properly and only if it was aligned in the right position. The signal was always in the air, but whether or not your show came in clearly depended upon the antenna’s ability to transfer the signal to your TV set.

woman sitting at desk with hand on her head

For those of you struggling with your health, keep in mind that you always have the potential for improvement.

Research shows that acupuncture can help with many more health problems other than just aches and pains. The problem is usually not with the meridian system itself, but rather with the transmission of energy through the body. Just like the old VHF signals being broadcast over the air, the energy is always present; the signal is always there. Remaining healthy is a matter of transferring that signal as efficiently as possible to all parts of your body, and in this case, your meridian system functions as the antenna. The farther out of balance your system becomes, the weaker the signal gets. Bringing the meridians back into their proper balance allows for the signal to broadcast at full strength.

These imbalances choke off vital energy traveling throughout the body, but instead of a fuzzy picture, you get things like: sciatic pain, headaches, asthma, fatigue, numbness, digestive disorders, allergies, chronic sickness, etc.

3 Indicators You Need a Tune-Up

Here is a list of three signs indicating that you should immediately come in for an acupuncture tune-up. Both your body and mind will thank you for getting tuned up as soon as possible.

1. Chronic Back and Neck Pain

If you experience chronic back and neck pain, it is highly recommended to come in and receive acupuncture. Back pain is one of the leading reasons that people seek out acupuncture.

2. Trouble Sleeping

Acupuncture is a great cure for those who have trouble sleeping. If you experience restlessness, night sweats, difficulty falling or staying asleep, tiredness or overall fatigue you should try it. Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and promotes overall health by correcting the imbalances in your systems.

3. Digestive Problems

A healthy digestive system is important to living an active, healthy, and worry-free lifestyle. In order to maintain a high-functioning digestive system, it is important that the digestive tract has a timely, smooth and consistent flow. Acupuncture will help regulate this and in turn, alleviate the symptoms of poor digestive function.

acupuncture needle being placed in the foot

Acupuncture works by supporting and balancing the “signals” being broadcast by your body and laying the ground for optimum expression of health. Clearing the meridian system of imbalances allows the free flow of energy to every cell, organ, nerve, and tissue, resulting in crystal clear, HD reception and picture-perfect health. If you having pain, struggling with numbness/neuropathy, having digestive troubles, feeling under the weather, or just plain worn down, it may be time for you to come in for a tune-up.

Yours in health & wellness,

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