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5 AcuTips for Fall

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Open your windows, everyone... fall is coming!

Are you looking forward to dusting off your sweaters? Pining away for the cooler days, apple picking, and pumpkin spice drinking?

To prepare for the fall we need to be aware of the changes that are happening that can affect us. During the fall our lungs, skin and digestion are most susceptible to dryness. Common symptoms in the fall are thirst, dry nose and skin, itching, sore throat, and constipation. There are a number of things we can do to combat dryness and strengthen our bodies for the coming winter months.

Read below for 5 easy AcuTips to help you be ready for Fall!

woman laying in a pile of leaves


1. Drink water

So simple, yet often overlooked. It’s always beneficial to be hydrating, and it’s an especially good idea when dry skin and constipation are a bigger issue.

2. Sleep more

As the days grow shorter, allow your body to rest. With summer winding down we tend to squeeze in everything that we can to eek out a little more fun so it can be hard to rest. Notice if you feel ready for bed earlier that usual and allow yourself to lay down (really! it's ok!) Move with the energy of the season; you will find it will be pleasant shift for your body and mind.

3. Have moistening foods

The raw, cold foods that sustain us in the summer can be too harsh on our systems at this time of year. Soups, steamed foods, and slow cookers are all perfect for the fall.

Here are some more common ingredients that have moistening qualities: pears, apples, yams, almonds, and sesame seeds. If you like tea, try these two herbs: Lily bulb (bai he) and Chrysanthemum (ju hua).

4. Dress for the season

While fall sometimes still feels like summer, it’s a time when we again can be more susceptible to common colds, sore throats, and coughs (especially with kids returning to school!) Make sure to layer your clothing as we all know how quickly Minnesota weather can drop. Scarfs and cozy sweaters for everyone! If you notice yourself sneezing... cover up!

5. And Hello...get acupuncture!

What better way to strengthen your body and boost your immune system than a restorative session at AcuHaus!

Yours in health & wellness,

If you or someone you love needs a Fall health boost, give us a call or click to book your

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