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Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Origin: Northern China



Astragalus is an adaptogenic root native to China and is a powerful food ingredient known to help strengthen Qi aka our "life force". Referred to as the “Yellow Leader”, this root is perfect for those looking for energy support and increased  resting metabolic rates (RMR).


  • Energy Booster
  • Stress Reducing
  • Pre/Post Natal Safe


Astragalus contains polysaccharides, which are digestible carbohydrates that may help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels in already healthy individuals when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Astragalus is an adaptogen root, which helps the body adapt to outside stressors, resulting in a calmer physical and mental state.

Slightly sweet in taste, making for a pleasant, mildly earthy flavor.


Important to Note

  • Immunosuppressive medications: Astragalus may stimulate the immune system, which can interfere with the effects of immunosuppressive medications.


  • Autoimmune diseases: Astragalus may worsen autoimmune diseases by stimulating the immune system. It is best to avoid using astragalus if you have an autoimmune disease.


  • Bleeding disorders: Astragalus may slow blood clotting, which can increase the risk of bleeding. People with bleeding disorders or those taking blood-thinning medications should avoid using astragalus.


  • Hypertension: Astragalus may increase blood pressure. People with hypertension should avoid using astragalus or should consult with their healthcare provider before using it.


  • Allergic reactions: Some people may develop an allergic reaction to astragalus. Symptoms may include rash, itching, and difficulty breathing.

Astragalus (Huang Qi)

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