Rejuvenate Abdominal Therapy

Mei Zen Abdominal Acupuncture was originally designed as an adjunct protocol for weight loss, but this method can do so much more!

It also effectively treats a range of "core Qi" issues including:

  • infertility and GYN disorders

  • chronic fatigue

  • fibromyalgia

  • multiple sclerosis

  • neuropathy

  • digestive problems

  • peri-menopausal symptoms

  • post-partum weight loss and uplifting the belly

  • aids in the resolution of back pain

It can also have healthy "side effects" like better quality of sleep, improved energy, and an overall sense of well-being.

The My Zen Abdominal Rejuvenation therapy consists of 2 one hour session a week for 5 consecutive weeks.



$900 for a 10 session package

Guiding you on Your  path to healing,

so you can live your Best Life