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Starting the New Year off Right

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Acupuncture could be the missing tool in your toolbox that can help you to reach your New Year Goals!

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Many people approach the new year as a time of re-inventing themselves, and although in some rare cases these goals may be easily accomplished, more often than not people find themselves falling short of their New Year resolutions. Creating a solid routine and finding others to both help you and hold you accountable can be an incredibly rewarding and supportive way to approach your New Year resolutions, and will hopefully help you to feel more successful in your pursuit.

Although we are not able to help you skydive or snorkel with sharks, Acupuncture can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to accomplishing some of your personal health and wellness goals.

Setting Some Goals

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Finding a way to set achievable and realistic goals is incredibly important when you are brainstorming your New Year resolution. One of the most common questions that acupuncturists ask during an intake is "what are your goals?" These can be goals that are accomplished in one session or they might be goals that require more attention and long-term treatments. Whatever they are your acupuncturist will help you to really dive into how best they can be accomplished.

What Can Acupuncture Help Me With?

If you're not familiar with acupuncture and its many benefits, here are just a few examples of things that acupuncture can aid:

  • Mitigating or Managing Pain

  • Fighting off Chronic Migraines

  • Weight Loss

  • Fertility Support

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Reverse Aging (Through Microneedling)

How Does Acupuncture Accomplish These Things?

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Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight acupuncture can be a great way to help curb cravings. Acupuncture also helps to balance out the body's hormone levels, which is often a leading factor in unwanted weight.

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Injury Healing & Pain Management

Acupuncture has proven time and time again to be a great tool when it comes to pain management. Acupuncture can also help relieve muscle soreness from falls, numbness, and so many other types of daily aches and pains.

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Stress Relief

Finally, regular acupuncture treatments can help relieve stress! After all the holiday get-togethers, the family outings, shopping, decorating and cleaning up all the mess, who isn’t stressed out? Acupuncture is a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and decrease cortisol levels.

Taking on a New Year's Resolution can be a daunting feat, but with a little help, these goals are within your reach.

Yours in Health & Wellness,

If you or someone you love is looking to kick-start your resolutions this New Year, call/text to book your New Patient Special.

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