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Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

patient in a wheelchair looking at their medical providers.

Strokes can be debilitating, but recovering from them doesn't have to be.

Strokes are incredibly common and are one of the leading causes of long-term disability in the U.S. The deprivation of oxygen to the brain that results from strokes can lead to many uncomfortable and difficult-to-navigate symptoms. Numbness or weakness of the limbs, difficulty swallowing, headache, mental confusion, paralysis, problems with coordination, sudden visual loss, and slurred speech. Modern imaging such as MRI can help detect how bad the brain damage is following a stroke.

Recovery and Treatment After a Stroke

People that have had strokes are often treated in the hospital for a significant amount of time, but even after they are cleared to leave there are still symptoms that can continue to hang on. Acupuncture has been proven to help with stroke recovery because of its ability to strengthen the nerves' communication and connection to each other. Studies show patients get well faster, and require less nursing and rehabilitation.

acupuncture needles in the back, fingers near the needles

How Does Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture prevents and reduces brain swelling or edema, thus halting further damage to brain tissues. It also promotes perfusion in the brain, which restores blood and oxygen to the brain cells. Acupuncture can also help break down blood clots and accelerate functional stroke recovery.

Acupuncture increases blood flow and oxygen to the areas of the cerebral cortex that were damaged from stroke and helps revive the cells and nerve function. Acupuncture also incorporates a lot of what we know about the brain from a biomedical standpoint. Things such as that one side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. So, if a patient had paralysis in the right leg, the acupuncturist would needle the left side of the scalp.

Can TCM and Acupuncture Prevent Strokes?

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be used in a preventive way to avoid a stroke from occurring. Getting regular acupuncture treatments can help with relaxation and relieving stress that can contribute to strokes. Also taking customized herbs and adopting a traditional Chinese diet can also be very beneficial.

If you are looking for assistance in your journey of stroke recovery our doors are always open, and we would love to join your recovery team.

Yours in health & wellness,

Dr. Angie Singnature

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