Acupuncture Services & Pricing

First session free image for refresh, restore and rejuvenate acutherapy. See if Acutherapy at AcuHaus is a good fit for you. 1 hour- free.
Relaxed looking woman with eyes closed. Refresh Acutherapy: 30 min acupuncture to relax and destress. 30 min for $59.
Older couple smiling. Restore Acutherapy: 60 min acupuncture to restore your health. $79
Glass cups being placed by a practitioner onto a woman's back. Cupping: feel the tension melt away! 30 min $45.

30 min $45

60 min $90

Womens face with zoom bubbles to wrinkles and age spots. Rejuvenate facial enhancement: love the skin you are in! 1 hour $100
Image of a woman smiling. Rejuvenate neck enhancement: fight back against the effects fo the sun and gravity. 1 hour $100
Hands placed on an abdomen in a spa setting. Rejuvenate abdominal therapy: get to the core of your health! 1 hour $100
Rejuvenate Abdominal Therapy

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